As shown in the sidebar:

"Due to the growing frustration of how the media is portraying certain political policies and/or moves, I have created this blog to offer opinions and views not often seen on television. I encourage all to participate in the discussion by commenting under articles. Please debate respectively, there's nothing wrong with disagreeing. This site will not censor certain people's ideas or thoughts, but foul language and/or any other type of inappropriate behavior may result in the removal of certain comments."

Instead of writing a long, boring explanation about myself, I thought it would be creative to list some random things about me.

Here is the List:
  • I am a registered Republican
  • My name is Mike Ecklon
  • I am a Ron Paul Supporter
  • I am a 24 year old male
  • I am currently enrolled in college studying Business Administration
  • I have a BA degree in Political Science 
  • I think it's obvious: I love to learn
  • I consider myself moderately conservative
  • I respect myself, my family, and others, despite what they believe
  • I don't tolerate name-calling in political discussion. It weakens arguments and serves no purpose
  • I created this blog to share my political opinions/views with a wide-variety of audiences
  • I encourage everyone to participate in political discussions below my articles in the comment section
  • I take pride in my writing, so my articles are always intended to be high quality
  • Yes, I'm on Twitter @RonPaul4Liberty 
  • I am responsible for all of the article content on this blog; nobody else