Friday, June 24, 2011

Obama's Troop Withdrawal Plan: A Strategical Military Move Or Strategical Political Move?

President Barack Obama has announced that 33,000 troops will be home by September of 2012 at the latest. This announcement arises the question, is this a strategical military move, or a strategical political move?

Withdrawing the troops is something that should have been announced months ago. With the death of Obama Bin Laden, which was the ultimate target and goal, our mission is therefore complete, and we should come home. I commend President Obama on his decision to bring the troops home, but the timing forces me to question his true intentions.

The next election for presidency is in November of 2012. With all of the troops being brought home by September 2012 at the latest, there is no doubt this will help Barack Obama politically. That moment in time will be crucial for President Obama and the opposing GOP candidate, and with Americans being pleased with the withdrawal of our troops, Obama will have the upper hand. This leads me to conclude that President Barack Obama and his staff have strategically made this withdrawal plan for political purposes rather than military or moral purposes.

In no way am I proposing that President Obama does not support or care about our troops, I'm simply asserting that Obama's 2012 campaign run is seemingly more important to him than the complete safety of our troops. If President Obama truly cared about our fighting soldiers, he would have announced this plan directly following the death of Osama Bin Laden. It should have been announced the night of his death, when President Obama addressed the nation. However, he chose to wait until the opposing GOP group has grown and begun their attack campaign against Obama. In addition, Obama did not address the controversial Libya issue at all.

In conclusion, I believe President Obama's overall intentions for our troops is good, and I commend President Obama on his ability to make tough decisions, such as the attack on Osama Bin Laden's compound. However; I truly believe this withdrawal plan was specifically designed as more of a strategical political move, and I condemn that. Hopefully, Americans are able to come to the same conclusion, and also look at the other issues that face this nation, such as the economy, health-care, Libya, etc. I respect President Obama as a person, and even enjoyed his company at a speech he delivered at my college about two years ago, but I disagree with him on policy, the economy, the role of government, and much more.

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