Saturday, July 2, 2011

No More Welfare for Druggies: Invasion of Privacy?

Florida debates continue to grow about the proposal to require drug testing before an individual is permitted the opportunity to receive welfare. Democrats have blasted the proposal, calling it an invasion of privacy. However, many may argue, including myself, that the entire welfare program is unconstitutional to begin with, so what's the big deal?

Now, to be completely unbiased, I have to point out that welfare contributes to less than 30% of our national debt. My point being: There are other more important issues we should be working on to reduce our debt that would be more effective. For instance, adjusting our foreign policy/spending. But this does not replace the fact that there is an immense problem with our welfare system and Florida is attempting to do something about it. But are mandatory drug tests really the solution?

If you asked me, my answer would yes. We all know somebody who is abusing our welfare system, and stays home all day playing video games and smoking illegal drugs. Implementing mandatory drug tests would dramatically reduce the amount of people abusing the system. Is it an invasion of privacy? Again, if you asked me, my answer would be no, it's not. Why? I like to compare the situation to a job. If you applied for a job, the employer may ask you to complete a drug test before they employ you. Is this an invasion of privacy? No, because you're requesting employment, and your employer wants to make sure they have employees who are not going to give their company a bad reputation, or be unreliable, etc. With welfare, you're requesting financial help from the government, so Florida wants to make sure the individuals receiving welfare truly deserve it. If you're spending money on illegal drugs, you don't deserve it. Whether marijuana should be legalized is an entirely different issue.

Now you're probably thinking: "Nobody is asking you Mike, your opinion doesn't matter." And you're absolutely correct. I don't hold any positions as a lawmaker, congressman, assemblyman, etc. I don't have any power to implement or not implement certain laws or policies. I'm just a twenty years old college student sharing my opinions/thoughts via a blog. But that's whats great about blogs and websites; you can share your opinions and others can comment below and agree or disagree. In the end, the decision falls on the politicians the people have elected to represent them.

What's your opinion? Is implementing mandatory drug tests for individuals requesting welfare an invasion of privacy?


  1. Yes, but their taking of government handouts is an invasion of finance. Guess we're even then huh?

  2. @TheMisadventuresofJayandMandi- I don't live in Florida, but it's something I think should be implemented in New York (The state I reside in). For one, if I were to ever need welfare, I'm confident a drug test wouldn't even be a problem, and it actually would make me feel like our tax money isn't being wasted. Is it an invasion of privacy? Like I said, I don't see how, you're requesting government help so one should complete whatever tests the government asks. Now if the government started mandating drug tests for all Americans; that would be an invasion of privacy.

    Thanks for joining the discussion!