Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obama Uses Your Tax Dollars For Political Gains

On August 3rd, the White House confirmed that President Obama's upcoming bus tour to states in the Mid-West will be paid for by United States tax-payers. For the past 24 hours, I've been debating with liberals about the true intentions of Obama's bus tour. The White House and all liberals I have discussed this topic with assert that Barack Obama is the President of the United States, and he must tour the Country, and hear from the voters. And they strongly state that this upcoming bus tour is not for political gains for the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election. Conservatives like myself wonder: Why are more than 50% of the States Mr. Obama visits, swing States? Meaning that a majority of the States Mr.Obama has visited and plans to visit during his presidency are neither strongly Republican, nor Democrat.

Just last week, Mr.Obama spoke to the nation, and used scare tactics to assert that this country is broke, and that Congress and the Senate must raise the debt ceiling to avoid an economic disaster. In other words, give Obama and his administration more money to spend. Ultimately, both parties came together and passed a bill that neither party was happy with. But my ultimate point here is: Obama stood before us and told us there is not enough money to pay social security and/or welfare, along with other programs. However, Obama decides that a bus tour is necessary at the cost of struggling American families?

It is absolutely unacceptable for President Obama to use our tax money to fund a bus tour that I believe is purely a political move. Would it be ok for presidential candidates to use tax-money to fund their campaign tours? Absolutely not. Obama has plenty of money he's raised, but chooses not to use it just yet. Instead, he'll deceive the American people and make them believe he cares about working families, etc. In actuality, he cares more about being re-elected in 2012 than Mr. and Mrs.Robinson who are struggling to put food on the table. But hey, why should Obama care about that? That's what food stamps are for..and food stamps usage is increasing ridiculously.

I honestly believe Obama's intentions are good. He cares about this country, but his ideals and political policies are pushing us further and further from where we want to be. Since Obama has taken office, he has increased the deficit by over $4 trillion, unemployment is steady, food stamp usage has increased, the markets are failing, our dollar continues to lose value, and we've raised the debt ceiling: permitting the government to spend more, worsening our problems. Liberal ideals just don't work; they're not economically sound.

This up-coming bus tour is strictly political, and anyone who dismisses this fact is blinded by Obama and his administration's charm-like lies.

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